Xweather Free Trial

What's Included

Our Xweather Developer subscription allows you to test-drive our most popular features and products. Access all endpoints and layers available with Flex (our Weather API + Mapping plan), MapsGL, Lightning, Road Weather, Air Quality, and Renewable Energy Data at 1,000 accesses per day for thirty (30) days* at no cost - no credit card needed.

Free Trial Limitations

  • Xweather's free trial is intended solely for testing Xweather's products and services and is not intended for commercial use.
  • Historical data limited to the current day. Observation mapping layers limited to the last hour.
  • Forecast layers limited to the next 24 hours.
  • Lightning Add-On endpoints and layers limited to 20 locations, for the current hour only. Reprocessed lightning support not included. Raster tile access limited to last 5 & 15 minutes.
  • Road Weather Add-On Conditions access includes road weather summary, road surface conditions, and temperature.
  • Renewable Energy Add-On access is limited to a maximum of 5 farms/projects.